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We take the drama out of the crisis
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Maintaining the bags used by GPs in the provision of emergency care has, until now, been a time-consuming process usually involving checking the completeness of the bags, checking the expiry dates of the constituent drugs and noting the circumstances in which any items are used.

Our Emergency Bag Service takes all the hard work out of holding emergency bags. We provide a range of bags, each clearly marked for a specific clinical area, complete with emergency dosage instruction sheets. We automatically replace each bag well within its expiry date and provide an on-line summary of each bag. Detailed audit trails are provided in order that bag use can be monitored and reported.

£2.00 per month
£2.40 per month
£2.50 per month
£2.70 per month
£2.50 per month
Opiate Intoxication
£2.30 per month
Pain and Vomiting
£2.20 per month
£2.20 per month
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